Dealing with a child custody matter is never easy. Add the numerous myths that surround this type of court case and many people feel enormous stress, strain and worry at this time. It is important that you learn as much as possible about the myths concerning child custody west des moines ia before it’s time to head to court.

Myth 1: Only Mothers Get Custody of Minor Children

Judges prefer children to be with the mother, however, most agree that kids need both parents and will order joint custody in possible situations. A father may also be granted sole custody of the ids in many other situations.

Myth 2: Children Decide Who They Live With

Minor children do not have the option to choose the parent they want to live with. The judge will, however, weigh the opinion of some teenage children. All factors in the case are used to decide the best outcome for the child.

Myth 3: No Child Support? No Visitation

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Again, it’s a mere myth that you cannot see minor children that you do not have custody of if you are behind on child support. Even though it’s a criminal matter to neglect child support payments, it no way forbids visitation with the kids.

Myth 4: You Can Do Whatever You Want With the Kids If You Have Custody

The non-custodial parent always has a say so over certain aspects of their kid’s life. For example, you cannot move out of one state to another without notifying the other parent. It is a crime to commit some acts with the kids. Know what you can and can’t do!

Child custody cases are rarely simple. Use the information above to ensure the best outcome in your matter. Don’t believe everything that you hear! It’s not always true.